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Los Trapenses

Camino Los Trapenses 3071, Lo Barnechea, Chile

Discover the best properties in Los Trapenses

Explore our diverse collection of properties in Los Trapenses. From cozy houses to modern apartments, Property Partners Los Trapenses. Offers a wide range of options to find the perfect place to call home. Explore exceptional properties with us and find your next real estate dream.

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Professional Partners

The best commercial network for your property with a team of experts in the neighborhoods and different types of products.

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We have more than 40 offices throughout Chile and the world, in important cities such as Miami, Punta del Este, Lima

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We offer you the best Real Estate Marketplace, where you can value online, create your profile, save preferences, quote your financing and much more.

Industry leaders

With more than 8,000 properties in our portfolio, international offices, and a team of 500 Partners that endorse us as real estate leaders.

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We show your property to really interested clients, ensuring visibility on all available channels to give you the best showcase.

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We implement a 360 media strategy to reach potential customers, through web portals, social networks, emailing, ads, television and more.

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Camino Los Trapenses 3071, Lo Barnechea, Chile

Our Team

Meet the Property Partners Los Trapenses team, expert professionals in the real estate industry.

  • Margarita Palma Illanes

    Margarita Palma Illanes


  • Karen Bronfman

    Karen Bronfman


  • Maria Trinidad Martinez Vilajuana | Chile

    Maria Trinidad Martinez Vilajuana | Chile


  • Carolina Raunelli Valencia

    Carolina Raunelli Valencia


  • Lorraine Ecclefield

    Lorraine Ecclefield


  • Patricia A Nannig  | Chile

    Patricia A Nannig | Chile


  • Carolina Gutiérrez

    Carolina Gutiérrez


  • Carmen Gloria Rodriguez

    Carmen Gloria Rodriguez


  • Luis Javier Iturriaga

    Luis Javier Iturriaga


  • Pamela Nario

    Pamela Nario


  • Andrea de la Barra Cañas

    Andrea de la Barra Cañas


  • Lily Gamberini Bonnemaison

    Lily Gamberini Bonnemaison


  • Alejandra Sagredo Perez | Chile

    Alejandra Sagredo Perez | Chile